judy bauer patience Aug 10, 2020


"I want patience NOW" 

Have you ever said, "God, I want patience and I want it NOW?"

What's really going on?

Delays...or so it seems to us. In reality God uses the perceived delays as part of His strategy to bring us into His purposes at precisely His time.

Some discoveries I've made while sitting at the yellow light waiting for it to change to green:

1. He's thwarting the enemy's schemes. I Corinthians 2:8

2. He's testing our hearts. Will we humble ourselves or get hardened towards Him? Are we frustrated that He's not getting things to happen quick enough for us and our time table. Is He really the potter are we the clay?

3. He's allowing us opportunity to bless others in the midst of our trial. Do we really have JOY? Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last? Or do we pout and withhold because we're not happy about our situation?

4. He's sifting out unbelief and distrust while strengthening our trust in Him.

5. He's replacing our murmuring and complaining with hearts and lips of gratitude for what we do Him. Remember: The Israelites wandered 40 years due to their "sour grapes" attitude...

6. He's building our character through endurance and long-suffering, bringing us into greater maturity. Our human tendency is to fall back on self-entitlement reasoning. Enduring long through a process of time is like silver tried in the furnace purified seven times.

7. He's testing our loyalties. One person may say, "I'm tired of struggling with you." while another would say, "I'm glad I can go through this with you. I'll be part of the solution."

We have a tendency to think, "What's taking so long?"
Truth: God is always going to be ON time, His time, ALL the time.

We easily develop tunnel vision. What about me? God has a broader outlook. He's never in a hurry; never late. Perfect split-second timing.

Feeling pushed? That's the enemy's method. He wants you to be hasty and make mistakes.

When everything is in position God moves
and things seem to happen suddenly.

"God, how long is a million years to You?" someone asked. "God replied, "A minute." He asked another question. "God, how much is a million dollars to You?" He replied, "a penny." The question was then asked, "God, could I have a penny?" The reply, "Sure, in a minute."

People often ask God to use them, then when strange or difficult circumstances come, which are hard to understand, they stumble and grumble. Or, they fall away and quit.

STAND! Psalm 23:6 says when everything seemed hopeless, God's mercies remained.
God IS working things out.
Don't move from your position of standing.
While you're standing do the "happy dance."
For God is with you.

God IS using you right there. IN your situation. Don't leave your post, it's your testimony. Sometimes it takes strong nerves to watch while God is developing your story for Him.

Don't give up on winning people to Christ. Keep your eyes focused on Kingdom business. God will, in the meantime, perfect those things concerning you. Matt. 6:33

Joy-filled patience is found in doing the Father's will. Let His light shine through the cracks of your life illuminating the path for others to find His love through you.

Do what Jesus did...
He gathered up His courage and steeled Himself for the journey. He focused on the prize. (Hebrews12:3)

"Study how He did it. He never lost sight of where He was headed...It means we better get on with it. Strip down, start running - and never quit!...keep your eyes fixed on Jesus." (Hebrews12:2 The Message)

Action Challenge: Check out your attitude. Got patience? It's a fruit of His Spirit at work in you. Thank Him for His timing for your life, destiny and purpose to be fulfilled for His glory.

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