Overcoming Toxic Relationships with Angela Robinson



Through one's own transformation, true passion and purpose in life can be discovered

Angela is the co-founder of LeadSelf, LLC, a leadership development and coaching firm. Many years prior to launching LeadSelf with her husband, Angela elected to leave her career in banking and insurance to invest in raising their only daughter. Her efforts paid off when her daughter was accepted into Cornell University and later graduated. Angela continued investing in her own education in the field of Psychology.

She further built upon her education by becoming a Certified Business and Professional Life Coach.She attained her credentials from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) organization, an ICF certified program. Angela also earned her certification as an Energy Index Master Practitioner, trained to assess and shift clients perceptions and emotional energy. 

Through Angela's own transformation, she has discovered her true passion and purpose in life. She understands the scale and influence of coaching, and how coaching affects the culture and values of organizations, families, and individuals. Angela believes in the transformative power of coaching and has dedicated her life and future to helping people evolve to their highest authentic self.   

As a speaker, facilitator, and coach Angela creates powerful learning experiences. She coaches business professionals, business owners, groups, and individuals. She also volunteered her services to survivors of human traffickingAngela's facilitation style encourages participants to engage in open and candid dialogue. She has a special way of crafting secure and fun environments where participants laugh, learn and grow.  Angela is committed to helping others break through barriers while challenging their self-limiting beliefs. Angela spends her free time taking long walks by the beach, painting, and writing short stories. She is happily married and resides in San Diego, CA


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