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akesa judy bauer provision Aug 17, 2020

God Provides

"In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat - for He grants sleep to those He loves." (Psalm 127:2)

Solomon recognized something important. Verse one gave us an insight into human natures' vanity, building a home, establishing a career and raising a family in our own strength and wisdom.

He wisely stated that attempting to do these things without God's involvement...well, it turns out that all of our labor would be for naught in the end.

Human vanity is to attempt to do life without giving God His rightful place in the process.

As The Master Creator and Architect of all life, He knows the ins and outs of each and every situation that we will ever encounter. Not allowing Him to be the foundation upon which we build and the CEO of our lives is indeed unwise.

It also robs us of a balanced life. Verse two clearly states that we can see when we are out of bounds...we rise early and stay up late toiling for (fill in the blank).

The implication Solomon makes is that when God is guiding our life He even provides for us as we sleep. He continues working on things that concern us while we rest and get the sleep our minds, bodies and spirits require to function at their optimum best.

How great is our God? We see His absolute care for us overarching on every aspect of our life...not just in our productive space but even in our resting place.

God is not against hard work, however.

God is honored by our "seek to excel" work ethic. (Proverbs 31:10-29) But not at the exclusion of the built-in reset button that He put into His creation...sleep, rest, refreshment.

On the other hand this is not an excuse to be lazy. (Proverbs 10:5; 18:9)

We maintain a balance trusting Him while we work and while we sleep.

Ask yourself am I in the midst of challenges keeping me from living a balanced life?

If the answer is yes, can you fix it in your own strength?

If the answer is yes, then give it to God first and ask His help. He can redeem the time and save you time.

If the answer is no, then give it to God first and ask His help. Do what you can and leave the results up to Him.

As Solomon so wisely stated, anything else is pure vanity and ends in futility.

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