It's time to make a decision

It's time to make a decision 

What have you been waiting on in order to make a decision?

I'll never forget those words, "It's time to make a decision!" The printer and I were trying to come up with a title for my first little KAM tract way back in the day, for over an hour. Finally, in exasperation he stated, "Judy, it's time to make a decision." Our eyes locked and I said, "That's it. That's the title."

Thousands have found Christ since then, as a result of that booklet. Funny story but a profound truth. It's time to make a decision...the time is now. Now is the day of salvation. II Corinthians 6:2

Our salvation, deliverance, break-through happens once we make a decision to move, to apply corresponding action to what we believe. The longer we vacillate, the more double-minded we become. In that paralyzed state the Bible says we become unstable. James 1:8.

In effect we're acting in hypocrisy as we say we trust God and yet we don't forge ahead acting on faith that He will direct our paths. We must step into what lies ahead. As long as we're stuck we go nowhere fast. Move. Make a decision. You can always make another decision when you see where the present decision is taking you.

Decision making shows faith at work as we act accordingly.
It's Time To Make A Decision:
1. Changes your circumstances to new levels.
2. Creates new possibilities, creativity.
3. Calls forth provision to come in.
4. Connects you to new people and situations.
5. Challenges the status quo.
6. Clears out the clutter, the baggage of the past.
7. Communicates trust in God's plan for you.

What have you been waiting on in order to make a decision? You've prayed about it, you've placed it in God's hands so now the ball is in your court.

Make a decision. Move forward towards the future. God is with you to see to it that you make it to the other side. Storms may arise, (will arise 😎 ). Hold steady to your decision. Be confident in the Lord. He will steer your ship through the turbulent waves and you will arrive safely with victory in hand.

Judy Bauer


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