Be Salty

judy bauer zeal Aug 03, 2020

Be Salty  

"Salt is good for seasoning. But if it loses its flavor, how do you make it salty again? You must have the qualities of salt among yourselves and live in peace with each other." (Mark 9:50 NLT)

Salt is a purifier, a perpetuating agent and has antiseptic qualities. These various aspects are to be present in our lives as believers.

Saltiness can also be described as being our passion, the purpose, the reason God has for you and I here in the earth.
What floats your boat?
What puts a song in your heart and a dance to your feet?
What do you do that "makes your day" happen for you?
Chances are if you answer those questions you'll realize what makes your salt salty.

Sometimes in life our "dreams" get smashed and we settle for "whatever." In so doing, we lose our saltiness, that which makes us, us.

God intends to use our saltiness in order to draw people to Himself through us; to taste and see that the Lord IS good.

Salt is so essential to human life that we have a specific area on our tongues where we taste it. Every life has a hankering for spiritual salt also.

As you and I are salty, fulfilling our purpose, our passion, we make others thirsty for God.

Being a passionate God, a God of purpose, He has given everyone a portion of His saltiness, enough to ignite our soul in joyful service on His behalf.

Many people wanted to make Jesus fit their concept of how He should behave, what He could teach, who He could hang out with and when and where He would be allowed to heal the sick, etc. Most of those people were the religious leaders of the day.

You'd think they would be the ones excited that an expression of God was in their midst. Instead they tried to contain Him in to fit their view of who He was to be. Jesus refused to play their political posturing games, praise God!

If Jesus had lost His saltiness where would we be?

If we're not being "allowed" to flow in our passion, our gifts, our purpose, we must recognize the hindrance isn't from God.

Are we allowing ourselves or others to dampen our salt so that it's not free to pour out? Break free. Be all He purposed you to be.

Otherwise you'll lose your saltiness, the flavor God gave you to add His zest to this ol' world.

In breaking free and daring to be salty, notice the admonition that follows...and be at peace with one another.

God intends for us to compliment and complete one another; His body fitly joined together, every joint supplying. Jesus is the Head of His body. He's the Master Conductor. It's His job to position each believer to flow in the purposes He designed.

Let's not allow things, people, past mistakes, etc. to strip us of our saltiness. Let's be encouragers, to ourselves and to others saying, "go for it."

Yes, some people might throw cold water on your enthusiasm or tell you 'that won't work,' but HEY, Jesus in you is greater. He's giving you the thumbs-up.
Hear Him. Please Him.

Jesus came to give you abundant life. Experience His life fully.

Be a salt-shaker dispensing the life of God IN you to others.

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